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About us

BIACOMET AG stands at the forefront of responsible trading, distinguished by our unparalleled expertise in Energy and Base Metals, with a keen focus on African cargoes. Our approach goes beyond traditional trading practices — we are pioneers in connecting the global market with responsibly sourced commodities facilitated by our extensive international network.

In the ever-evolving landscape of commodities trading, the processes of marketing, sales, and purchase are not just business functions but essential in modern society. At BIACOMET AG, we relish the daily challenges these functions present, finding great satisfaction in the harmonious collaboration of stakeholders.

The driving force behind our innovative approach is our experienced Management Team. This group of seasoned professionals, each with decades of experience in the raw materials trade, are both experts in their fields and champions of moral and ethical principles. Their integrity is the core of our operations, ensuring trust and strong relationships with our partners.

Our commitment at BIACOMET AG transcends typical business goals. We strive to create enduring value that goes beyond mere transactions. Our mission is to deliver solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs and positively impact the communities and environments from which our commodities are sourced. We aim to set new standards in the commodities market, championing responsible and ethical trading practices.


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