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Our Services

Unlock global trading success with BIACOMET AG's tailored energy solutions, expert
base metals guidance, and unique insights into African cargoes.

Energy Trading

BIOCOMET AG is at the forefront of the energy sector, offering expert-led energy trading solutions. Our team delivers key insights and tailored strategies for a range of energy commodities and renewables. Collaborate with us to navigate and capitalise on the energy market’s opportunities

Base Metal

BIACOMET AG is your gateway to the dynamic base metals market. Our seasoned professionals provide insights and strategies for success in metal trading, covering a spectrum of metals, including copper, aluminum, zinc and more. Partner with us to unlock the potential of base metal investments.

African Cargoes

Experience the richness of African Cargoes with BIACOMET AG. Our expertise in African markets provides unparalleled access to various commodities, including precious metals. Trust us to connect you with the best of Africa’s natural resources.

Risk Management

Navigate the complexities of commodity trading with BIACOMET AG’s risk management solutions. We use advanced strategies and insights to mitigate risks in volatile markets, covering a range of commodities —partner with us to safeguard your investments and maximise returns.

Global Trading

With BIACOMET AG, gain access to global commodity markets through our extensive international network. We offer expert guidance and strategic solutions for trading in diverse markets, ensuring seamless transactions and expanded opportunities for our clients worldwide.

Collaborative Client

Forge collaborative partnerships and receive personalised service and strategic insights tailored to your specific goals. At BIACOMET AG, our commitment to understanding and meeting your needs ensures a fruitful and enduring partnership in commodity trading.


Our Team

Our management team consists of highly skilled professionals who have accumulated decades of experience in the trade of raw materials. They uphold strong moral and ethical principles, which are evident in the relationships we maintain with our business partners. This commitment to integrity enables us to consistently provide top-quality service to our clients.


Choose BIACOMET AG for a trusted partner in global trading—where over decades of expertise meets innovation. Benefit from our commitment to excellence, reliability, and a global reach that ensures seamless transactions, making us your gateway to success in energy, base metals, and beyond.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a team dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends.
Experience steadfast integrity and consistency in every aspect of our trading operations.
We continuously adopt novel approaches and technologies to lead in the commodities market.
Global Reach
Our extensive global network provides unparalleled access to diverse commodity markets and international opportunities.

Our Expertise

BIACOMET AG excels in global trading, seamlessly navigating energy markets, offering expert insights in base metals, and providing
unique access to African cargoes. Our over decades of industry expertise ensures unparalleled success for our clients.

Energy Trading

African Cargoes Focus

Base Metals



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